At Pioneer Youth Services we believe in the intrinsic worth of every child and youth. We believe all children and youth can and will maximize their potential, given a secure environment with nurturance, care, encouragement and an inter-disciplinary treatment team approach that focuses on the specific child’s needs.

In our programs we encourage the recognition and acceptance of individual differences and special needs, individual growth, individual rights and responsibilities and the individual’s ability to be an integrated part of society. We are convinced and proud of the fact that given this latitude our program is one of excellence and has many times in the past been noted for its achievements. It is our belief that the real task lies in creating relationships and bonds with the children in our care. This grounding gives our program warmth, caring, understanding and safety.

We remind ourselves on a daily basis why our children and youth are the unique individuals they are.

“You never really know someone until you understand things from their point of view, until you climb into their skin and walk around in it.”